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Manitoba Born Adoptees

Searching In Manitoba

For Adoptee's and Birthfamily Searching in Manitoba

This is the ONLY web-site on the world wide web that is intirely dedicated to only Manitoba Born Adoptee's and their BirthFamiles.
Oh there are many others out there, but they have all of Canada, or the States and Canada (it's like looking for a needle in a hay-stack)

There is a Strong possibility to match Birth Family up on this web site. Make sure and list your loved ones birthdate here, and send me your non-identifying information.

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Alberta has now opened the adoption records ... We can have this too... if we'd only write the politicians and demand our rights back.

All listing go by, birthdate, name at birth, place born, who is searching, and the file number. If any of this looks at all familiar to you, Contact A.S.A.P!

 September 25, 1925
Helen Isobel McLean. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Cousin--1026

 May 1, 1930
William Storey. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1118

 June 22, 1931
James Ivor Hunt. Winnipeg, Manitoba. AdopteeD--1092

 August 15, 1933
Baby Girl 'Wills ? '. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptees-Daughter--1104

 Reunited June 18, 1937
Mabel Ann Clark. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1009
Note: BirthFamily Found. Now searching for BirthFather.

Thelma Alexander. Neepawa, Manitoba. Neice& two sisters--1082

 January 24, 1941
Janice Elizabeth Baldwin. East Paul, Manitoba. Adoptee--1090

 Reunited April 1, 1941
Mildred Elleene Decalver-Dekelver. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1024

 April 16, 1945
Edward Donald. Winnipeg, Manitoba?. AdopteesDaughter--1102

 February 28, 1946
Sheila Jean Kelly. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1123

 March 24, 1948
Leonard Richard Jasko. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee --VS-FB-48

 November 4, 1951
Susan Lynn ?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee

 January 27, 1952
Gordon?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1125

 April 13, 1952
Linda Susan McKay. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee4BDad--g-1110

 July 5, 1952
Dorothy Lynn Tymchuk. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Brother--1124

 August 11, 1953
Lawerance Anthony / Anthony Lawerance. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Uncle & Auntie--00

 Reunited March 3, 1954
Marsha Scummorwski. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1005

 June 27, 1954
Faith Comley. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1035

 August 23, 1954
Bernice Marie Panko. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1048

 February 28, 1955
Jan Weisbeck. Winnipeg Manitoba. Adoptee--1013

 Reunited May 22, 1955
Ronald Blaine Dunseath. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--Fb773-wl-55

 Reunited July 26, 1955
Anne Marie Bouchard. St. Boniface, Manitoba. Adoptee--1137

 August 20, 1955
Jo-Anne Louise Favelle. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--Fb311-rk-55

 October 6, 1955
Dennis William Perkus-Perkis. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1015

 Feburary 7, 1956
Allen Lindsay Monette. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0094

 March 17, 1957
Mona Patricia Hart. Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Adoptee--1094

 May 5, 1957
Marie Ann Funk. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1076

 Reunited August 14, 1958
Carol Ann Tokaryk. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee-1074

 Reunited December 13, 1958
Theresa Marie Henson. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--g-b7

 April 18, 1959
Heather (?). Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--g-1029

 Reunited June 14, 1959
Rosemary Diane Grouette. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee.

 September 17, 1959
Larry William Smith. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1003

 Reunited December 7, 1959
Baby Girl. Brandon, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1029

 December 23, 1959
Micheal Brent. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1058

 November ?, 1960
Jerry Scott Grouette. St. Boniface, Manitoba. Birth-Sister--g-1027

 Reunited October 30, 1961
Carol Kehoe. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1007

 Reunited November 30, 1961
Donald William Quaye/Henson. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth Sister--g-b7

 March 14, 1962
Baby Boy Byers. St. Boniface, Manitoba. Birth Father & Cousin--

 April 5, 1962
Althea Blanche Letendre'. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1063

 Reunited May 23, 1962
Wanda Ann Wright. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth Mom--0090

 July 22, 1962
Baby Boy? Jonasson/Jacobson?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--1114-1081

 September 26, 1962
Baby Girl - possible name Lana McNaughton. Winnipeg, Manitoba. -Adoption finalized in Flin Flon, Mb. AdopteesDaughter--FB-HA.54

 Reunited November 6, 1962
Angela Dawn Shotter. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--708

 November 21, 1962
Baby Girl Neault. Dauphin, Manitoba. Adoptee--1061

 ?, 1963
Deborah Jeanine Johnson. Unknown, Manitoba. BDaughter--1089

 January 27, 1963
Baby Boy?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1064

 October 24, 1963
Baby Boy. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1106

 Reunited December 13, 1963
Denise Michelle. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0093

 January 22, 1964
Ronald. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1032

 June 17, 1964
Christina Brown. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0073

Gloria Marie McPherson. The Pas, Manitoba. Sister--1067

 April 17, 1965
Baby Girl. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-0031

 July 14, 1965
Marilyn Pelleteir. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1027

 November 1, 1965
Philip Allen. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1098

 November 20, 1965
Sherilyn Dana Fisher. The Pas, Manitoba. Adoptee--1071

Leeann. Gimli, Manitoba. Birth Mom--0146

 Reunited January 26, 1966
Darryl John Morris. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--g-1021

 March 18, 1966
Charlotte Joan Antonio/Beckett. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1044

 March 21, 1966
Patricia Ann Brown. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1122

 May 17, 1966
Micheal Keith. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cousin&BirthMom--1051

 Reunited July 7, 1966
Kimberly Dawn. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Dad--1008

 Reunited July 30, 1966
Micheal Joesph. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1025

 Reunited September 5, 1966
Brian Archibald. Carberry, Manitoba. Birth-Sister--0001

 September 9, 1966
Kenneth Allan Earl. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--a24

 September 18, 1966
Kristin Lee-Ann Kirton. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1033

 Reunited December 1, 1966
Heather Angela Frazer. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1030

 December 11, 1966
Christine Ann McAuley. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--Fb--KG-66

 February 20, 1967
Cathy Rose Turgeon. Thompson, Manitoba. BirthSister--1086

 February 21, 1967
Philip Andrew Veitch. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1007

 March 29, 1967
James?, Baby boy. Manitoba. Adoptee--0000

 March 31, 1967
Daniel. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1028

 April-Aug. 1967 -or 1969
Kelly Beckett. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Cousin--g-1044

 June 29, 1967
Baby Girl. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1100

 NoContact#OnFile September 29, 1967
Baby Boy ?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1109

 Reunited December 13, 1967
Lynda Lee Webster. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--49

 NoContact#OnFile December 24, 1967
Baby Boy. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptive-Brother--a100

NoContact#OnFile January 28, 1968
Baby Girl. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1055

 February 24, 1968
Marie. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1120

 July 5, 1968/69
Baby girl. Manitoba. Adoptee--0000

 July 28, 1968
Sylvia Janzen. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--a32

 September 16, 1968
Doreen Evelyn Sinclair. Selkirk, Manitoba. Sister-Fb-CH-68

 October 4-6?, 1968
Lawrence McPherson. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--g-1011

 November 11, 1968
Tyrone Harrington. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1134

 December 9, 1968
Lisa Perrault. ? Manitoba. Adoptee--1130

 NoContact#OnFile December 24, 1968
Brian Boal. St. James, Manitoba. Adoptee--1050

 December 31, 1968
Baby Boy ? Winnipeg, Mb. Adoptee--FBDec68-54

 January 1, 1969
Baby Boy Wolaniuk. Winnipeg?, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--1068

 Feburary 7, 1969
Lawrence. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1078

 Reunited May 22, 1969
Barbara Anne. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1096

 June 13, 1969
Baby boy. St. Boniface, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1018

 Reunited July 6, 1969
Karen Leigh Start. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--0055

 August 21, 1969
Baby Boy. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1073

 September 7, 1969
Dean Stokell / Kircz?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Brother&Sister--g-1036

 September 30, 1969
Baby Girl. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1103

 Reunited October 1, 1969
Nellie Lois McKay. Ashern, Manitoba. Sister--g-1004

 November 18, 1969
Lisa Marie Chenier (DeGroot). Winnipeg, Manitoba. BirthSister--1099

 NoContact#OnFile December 5, 1969
Jerett Roger Block/Biggs. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1070

 December 18, 1969
David Michael ?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1115

 Reunited January 5, 1970
Shauna Lee. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1038

 January 14, 1970
Michelle?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1133

 February 14, 1970
Baby Boy. St. Boniface, Manitoba. Adoptee--1069

 March 26, 1970
Terry Lynn. St. Boniface, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1020

 September 25?, 1970
Stephen. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth Dad--1079

 November 3, 1970-1972?
Gerri Nadine Prince. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cousin--Sp-yg-1498

 December 8, 1970
Denise Anne. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee --FB-70

 Reunited January 21, 1971
Baby Girl. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1132

 September 24, 1971
Michelle Catherine. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0092

 September 24, 1971
Christine. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1059

 November 21, 1971
Delores Anne. Flin Flon, Manitoba. Adoptee--1091

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