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Manitoba Born Adoptees

Searching In Manitoba

For Adoptee's and Birthfamily Searching in Manitoba

This is the ONLY web-site on the world wide web that is intirely dedicated to only Manitoba Born Adoptee's and their BirthFamiles.
Oh there are many others out there, but they have all of Canada, or the States and Canada (it's like looking for a needle in a hay-stack)

There is a Strong possibility to match Birth Family up on this web site. Make sure and list your loved ones birthdate here, and send me your non-identifying information.

Come on Manitoba!

lets fight this law!!

Alberta has now opened the adoption records ... We can have this too... if we'd only write the polititions and demand our rights back.

All listing go by, birthdate, name at birth, place born, who is searching, and the file number. If any of this looks at all familular to you, Contact me A.S.A.P!

 March 22, 1972
Jason Robin ?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1012

 April 2, 1972
Jennifer Noreen Hopper. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--1005

 Reunited June 2, 1972
Derek Ducharme. Brandon, Manitoba. Birth-Mom.

 November 2, 1972
Tammy Lea. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0026

 November 23, 1972
Trevor 2324B. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0006

 February 4, 1973
Stephen Lorne. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0117

 March 6, 1973 - 74?
Oliver George Williams. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--1085

 March 21, 1973
Nathan. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1117

 April 4, 1973
Baby Boy ?. Brandon, Manitoba. Adoptee--1112

 April 10, 1973
Tanya Lee Chaske?. Winnipeg, manitoba. Adoptee--1077

 June 29, 1973
Sharlene Ann Ross. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1087

 October 29, 1973
Shelley-Ann Pettinger. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--g-1053

 March 26, 1974
Merlin Shawn St.Cyr. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth Sister--1080

 May 26, 1974
Kerry. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1045

 NoContact# July 23, 1974
Jack Chaske (Elk). Brandon, Manitoba. Birth Sister--b84

 September ?, 1974
Nicole Riopka. Winnipeg, Manitoba ?. Birth-Cousin--g-1044

 September 27, 1974
Kyle Vicent Parliament. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Sister--g-1017

 March 18, 1975
Donald Alexander. Churchill, Manitoba. Adoptee-1084

 July 30, 1975
Natasha Anne. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1065

 Reunited August 15, 1975
Linda Marie. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--492

 Reunited August 20, 1975
Verna May MacDonald. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--1060

 December 6, 1975
Lenore Danielle. Grace Hospital. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--0095

 February 11, 1976
Tanya Mary Beaton. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1088

 June 19, 1976
Jason McCord, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee and Children--Fb-Jm--76

 July 28, 1976
Angela Anne. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1016

 September 21, 1976
Tina Rose. Selkirk, Manitoba. Birth Mom--SA

 September 25, 1976
Baby Girl, Crystal?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1119

 October 1 1976-79
Peter James Sherwood. Carman, Manitoba. BirthMom--1072

 Reunited October 7, 1976
Gilbert Henry. Carman, Manitoba. Adoptee--1022

 October 16, 1976
Elena Ricca. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1097

 December 30, 1976
Jasmine Elizabeth Darlene McKenzie. Adoptee--1019

 April 29, 1977
Christopher Nolin. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister--1105

 Reunited January 15, 1978
Christine Lynne Faulds. Virden, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--g-1039

 April 29, 1978
Christopher Matthew Bighetty. Thompson, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1001
Found Birth-Father still searching for Birth-Mom

 Reunited May 31, 1978
Amy. Neepawa, Manitoba. Birth-Sister--1129

 July 28, 1978
Jeffery Boleen. Flin Flon, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--g-1108

 August 24, 1978
Jason Richard Lenard. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-Aug-78

 September 23, 1978
Baby Girl. Selkirk, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1042

 December 8, 1978
Jill Annette. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--1136

 Reunited April 25, 1979
Frederick Ross McLean. Neepawa, Manitoba. Birth-Sister--1129

 May 18, 1979
Simon Patrick Quimby. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sister-1075

 June 11, 1979
Theresa Linda Jean Dame?. The Pas, Manitoba. Sister--g-1054

 June 21, 1979
Angela Susan Holmes (Petryck). Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Aunt--1101

 January 25, 1980
Christine Anderson/Judd Dayboll?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Dad--1046

 No Contact# November 8, 1980
Baby Girl. Thompson, Manitoba. Adoptee--1056

 November 30, 1980
James Allen Unger. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--g-1095

 February 20, 1981
Baby Girl, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--FB-NS-Fns3

 August 18, 1981
Jeffery James McFarlane. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--g-1014

 August 18, 1981
(Twins) Paul James and Paula Frances Pearce. Thompson, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--1121

 Reunited February 25, 1982
Robert James Hardy/Harding ?. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptive-Mom--1049

 Reunited April 7, 1982
Terrence Sanford. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Mom--g-1010

 May 25, 1982
Jacquiline Maxine Carlisle. Brandon, Manitoba. GrandMother-1131

 November 29, 1982
James Allen Unger. Winnipeg, Manitoba. BirthMom--1128

 February 10, 1983
Jessica Lynn. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1043

 June 5, 1983
Sara June Johnstone. Winnipeg, Manitoba. BirthMom--1111

 April 16, 1985
Jessica Rose. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1034

 July 4, 1985
Micheal Jason Gaundroue. Winnipeg, Manitoba. BirthMom--1116

 January 9, 1986
TWINS. Shaunna & Ashley McMullen. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Birth-Dad--g-1040

 September 8, 1986
Joeseph Wayne. Winnipeg, Manitoba. Adoptee--g-1083

 Reunited August 8, 1987
Baby Girl Stanley. Brandon, Manitoba. BirthMom--1113

 November 12, 1987
Julie Rae H. Brandon, Manitoba. Adoptee.--DC-FB

 February 29, 1988
Nicole Dawn Palmer. Killarney, Manitoba. BirthMom--1127

 April 13, 1989
David Michael Thomas VanDusen. Winnipeg, Manitoba. BirthGreatAuntie--1135

 May 24, 1999
Baby Boy Turnbull. Winnipeg, Manitoba. BirthMom--Fb-Cw-99


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